Front-end Javacript Frameworks: A Beginner’s Guide poster / blog
RSLondonSouthEast workshop, Feb 2020


Intro to Bayesian Stats
Adversarial Truth-Seeking
Quantifying Social Welfare
Practical Philosophy and CBT
All Models Are Wrong But Some Are Useful

Cambridge Summer Program in Applied Rationality, Oct 2019

The Art of Giving And Receiving Code ReviewsSlides
deRSE19 Conference for Research Software Engineers in Germany, June 2019

Why Research Science Needs Software EngineersSlides
EA in Tech Meetup, June 2019


It’s Personal: The Art of Giving And Receiving Code Reviews GracefullySlides / Video
The Lead Developer London, June 2018

The Art of Giving and Receiving Code ReviewsSlides / Video
The JS Roundabout, March 2018